Hao Wu wins NIH New Innovator Award

February 15, 2018
Assistant Professor of Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania was a Jane Coffin Childs Fellow

Hao Wu, assistant professor of Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania and former JCC Fellow (2011 -2014), recently won an NIH New Innovator Award. The award grants $1.5 million over five years to pursue to […]

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Dan Littman and Robert Froemke win Pew Innovation Award

November 14, 2017
Former JCC Fellows will collaborate on interdisciplinary research

Caption: Being sick changes our behavior. How does that happen, and are these changes in behavior important for helping promote recovery from illness? Dan Littman’s lab has identified neurons in the gut that respond to pathogen-activating immune cells […]

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Human umbilical cord blood improves old mice’s memory

October 23, 2017
Joseph Castellano completed the research while he was a JCC Fellow with Tony Wyss-Coray

A protein found in human umbilical cord blood improves learning and memory in older mice, according to research published in Nature. Joseph Castellano, former JCC Fellow, is lead author of the study. Remembering the location […]

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