Frequently Asked Questions

When does the application period open and close?
The online application process opens October 3, 2022 for grants due February 1, 2023. The application period closes Feb 1 at 12:00pm (noon) EST.

Does the Fund provide indirect costs to the sponsoring Institute?
No indirect costs are paid to the sponsoring institute.

When will I be notified if I have been awarded a Fellowship?
The review board generally meets in mid May.  Applicants will be notified by email  in late May, whether their application has been declined for funding.  Those applicants selected for funding will receive a phone call.

Can the research allowance be used for travel?
No, there are separate funds that are awarded to the Fellow. Check the Travel Policy for more information.

Can the research allowance be used for health insurance?
The use of the funds from the research allowance will be decided by the Fellow and their sponsor.

What is the Fund’s Intellectual Property Policy?
The intellectual property policy adopted by the Board of Managers adheres to the policy of the institution.

Do you fund foreign nationals?
Yes, if they are working in a US lab.

Do you fund US citizens in foreign labs?

Does the Fund provide feedback on the applications?
No, the fund will not provide feedback on applications.

Can more than one person from a lab apply in the same year and do you fund more than one person in a lab?
In the event that multiple applications are submitted from the same sponsoring lab, it is the policy of the Fund to award no more than one fellow per sponsor in any award year.

Can there be more than one Jane Coffin Childs Fellow in the lab?
There can be more than one Fellow funded by Jane Coffin Childs as long as they are funded in different award years.

Is attendance at the annual symposium required for the three years of fellowship?
Yes, fellows are expected to attend annual symposium for three years. All meeting expenses for attendees’ travel, lodging, and meals hosted by JCC are paid for by JCC.

Are fiscal and narrative reports required annually for the three years of fellowship?
Yes, funding in years 2 and 3 of the fellowship is dependent on the submission of annual fiscal and narrative reports.