Fellow Focus: Rhiju Das

October 15, 2010
JCC Fellow, 2006–2009

In 2001, Rhiju Das – at the time a PhD student in theoretical physics at Stanford University – attended a scientific talk where he learned about biological machines known as ribosomes, the cellular workhorses that […]

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More Support from Our Friends

October 1, 2010
Randy Schekman, Director of the BSA, reflects on the current state of the Fund

I am pleased to report continuing success in raising funds to offer more Jane Coffin Childs fellowships. Fortunately, other private and corporate funds share our vision of the importance of fellowship support for the benefit […]

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Path to the Prize

March 22, 2010
Dr. Thomas Steitz, 2009 Nobel Laureate and former JCC fellow reflects on his postdoctoral experience

Last fall, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dr. Thomas Steitz for determining the structure and function of the ribosome, which translates RNA into proteins. Steitz’s journey to the Nobel Prize began decades […]

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