Nobel Laureates

Members of the Board of Scientific Advisors

IndividualJCC TermAwarded ForYear
David Baltimore1980-1988Physiology or Medicine1975
Paul Berg1970-1980Chemistry1980
Elizabeth Blackburn2000-2008Physiology or Medicine2009
Michael S. Brown1980-1988Physiology or Medicine1985
Edward A. Doisy1952-1969Physiology or Medicine1943
Joseph L. Goldstein1988-1996Physiology or Medicine1985
Carol Greider2008-2010Physiology or Medicine2009
H. Robert Horvitz1989-1997Physiology or Medicine2002
Charles B. Huggins1948-1972Physiology or Medicine1966
Salvador E. Luria1972-1978Physiology or Medicine1969
Daniel Nathans1977-1984Physiology or Medicine1978
Severo Ochoa1961-1971Physiology or Medicine1959
George E. Palade1975-1979Physiology or Medicine1974
Peyton Rous1937-1948Physiology or Medicine1966
Randy Schekman *1992-2012Physiology or Medicine2013
Wendell M. Stanley1967-1971Chemistry1946
Thomas A. Steitz **1998-2006Chemistry2009

Grantees and Fellows

IndividualJCC TermAwarded ForYear
Joshua Lederberg1946-1947Physiology or Medicine1958
Thomas A. Steitz **1967-1970Chemistry2009
George de Hevesy1962Chemistry1943
Jacques Monod1954-1965Physiology or Medicine1965
George D. Snell1962Physiology or Medicine1980
Edward L. Tatum1948-1954Physiology or Medicine1958
David Julius1984-1987Physiology or Medicine2021

* Dr. Schekman served on the Board of Scientific Advisers as a member from 1992 to 2000 and as the Chair from 2002 to 2012.
** Thomas A. Steitz was a former fellow of the Fund as well as a former member of the Board of Scientific Advisers.