Donate and Partner

Advances in medicine that improve human health are instigated by bright minds, collaborative spirits, persistence and foresight. For 85 years, the Jane Coffin Childs Fund (JCC) has been committed to selecting and funding exceptional early-career scientists as postdocs working in research related to cancer and human disease. Our esteemed Board of Scientific Advisors is adept at finding postdoctoral fellows who possess deep scientific talent and audacity, providing them with the encouragement and resources that make the aha moments possible.  Our dedicated and notable Board of Managers, many of whom are members of the Coffin and Childs families, proudly continues the Jane Coffin Childs legacy to benefit humanity by generously funding scientific research through postdoctoral fellowships, giving more than $4M in Fellowships each year.

We have a tried and true model of how to select the best and brightest talent and support the work that makes real impact and creates breakthroughs in scientific discovery. But we can’t do it alone.  JCC is looking for partners to join us and our co-supporters like HHMI, Merck and Novartis in our mission; who believe that the pursuit of novel ideas and technologies will provide the answers to humanity’s biggest health issues.

If you are interested in learning the various ways to donate to our work or join us as a partner, supporting new thoughts in science and creating change to improve human health please contact Anita Pepper, Ph.D., Executive Director at