Fellow Focus: Effie Apostolou

August 7, 2011
Full Potential: JCC fellow Effie Apostolou identifies key gene cluster in stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become just about any cell in an organism—or, under the right conditions, a whole organism in and of itself. But what about cells that have already differentiated? Some […]

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Fellow Focus: June Round

July 30, 2011
Friend or Foe? JCC fellow June Round uncovers how our immune system recognizes gut bacteria as harmless—or not.

At first, nothing about the blue, green, and black microscopy image appears remarkable, but upon closer inspection, something emerges—something that hints at a much bigger story. “It wasn’t what we were looking for,” says JCC […]

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Fellow Focus: Apostolos Klinakis

April 2, 2011
Fundamental Patience

Continuing the research path he began as a post-doc in Argiris Efstratiadis’s lab at Columbia University, former JCCF Fellow Apostolos Klinakis says modeling breast cancer in mice takes real patience. “If you have an idea and […]

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Fellow Focus: Jennifer Schmidt

November 15, 2010
A Classic Case of Serendipity

What appeals most to former JCCF Fellow Jennifer Schmidt about academic science are the many facets of the work, especially teaching and having the intellectual freedom to explore different questions. While continuing the genomic imprinting […]

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Fellow Focus: Alice E. Chen

October 15, 2010
JCC Fellow, 2005–2008

­As a post-doc studying stem cell biology at Harvard University, Alice Chen found that she’d come full circle to the very questions that inspired her interest in science as a child. “The reason I went […]

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