Claus-Dieter Kuhn Wins Prize for Young Researchers

July 1, 2016
Former JCC Fellow now studies non-coding RNAs as junior group leader at the University of Bayreuth

Claus-Dieter Kuhn, Photo by Boran & Parot, Bayreuth Claus-Dieter Kuhn, junior group leader at the University of Bayreuth and former JCC Fellow, was awarded the 2016 Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for Young Researchers. The […]

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JCC Fellows Reflect on The 39th Symposia

June 10, 2016
JCC Fellows cite The Symposia as one of the most valuable aspects of the Fellowship

Image caption: (left to right) JCC Fellows Breann Brown, Joseph Cotruvo, Christine Hagan and Manasi Bhate. Photo by Elenoe “Crew” Smith. In early April, the JCC community gathered on the picturesque grounds of The Interlaken […]

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Coiled proteins puncture membranes in response to pH cue

April 28, 2016
JCC Fellow Jessica Polka demonstrates the engineering potential of a unique protein polymer

Jessica Polka in the lab. Photo by Alina Chan. So much of biological research relies solely on model organisms, and for good reasons. Model organisms — think yeast, fruit flies, and mice — are relatively […]

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Metabolic changes allow eggs to store fuel for development

April 7, 2016
JCC Fellow Matthew Sieber published the research in Cell

This is an artist’s depiction of mitochondria, courtesy of Matthew Sieber. The purple on the outside border represents the outer mitochondrial membrane. The blue on the inside depicts the mitochondrial inner membrane space. The green […]

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Viral DNA within our genome helps us fight infections

March 30, 2016
JCC Fellow Edward Chuong published the research in Science on March 4, 2016

Research from University of Utah geneticists, Cedric Feschotte, Ph.D., Edward Chuong, Ph.D., and Nels Elde, Ph.D., reveals that DNA remnants of viruses embedded into the genomes of our ancestors millions of years ago may help […]

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