October 15, 2015
Online application form available.

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 (5:00PM EST)
Applications must be received by the Foundation no later than 5:00pm EST, February 1, 2016.

ITEMS DUE February 16, 2016

Letters of Reference
Sponsor Letter
Signature Page

Please note that it may take up to 7 business days after Feb. 16, 2016 to update your application with the status of received letters sent by your referees/sponsor. Do not email or call us to ask whether we received your email until this time has passed.

LATE APRIL/EARLY MAY 2016 The Boards of the Fund meet to review fellowship applications.

JULY 1, 2016 Earliest possible fellowship starting date. All fellowships must be activated by January 1, 2017.






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Fellows of the Jane Coffin Childs Fund are invited to join us on Facebook. We will be posting updates on the Fellowship, information for our Fellows, and details on upcoming events.

Our Facebook group is also a great platform for JCC Fellows to talk, share information, and get to know one another.


The patent policy adopted by the Board of Managers includes the following requests: 

(a) notification of the Fund whenever a patentable discovery is foreseen

(b) adherence by the investigator to the established patent policy of the institution at which the investigator is working

(c) in the event that the institution does not have an established patent policy the right of the Fund to join with the investigator and the institution in determining (i)  the procedure to be followed in applying for a patent and (ii) the manner of administering any patent resulting from such application.

We will accept referee and sponsor letters by email until February 15. Referees may send letters and ratings (from A to E) directly to us at Sponsor letters may also be sent to the same address. Please attach a PDF of your letter to the email.


The conditions under which these awards are made are as follows: Applicants in general should not have more than ONE YEAR of postdoctoral experience and MD'S should not have received their degree more than THREE YEARS from the date the application is due February 1, 2016.  You must hold either the M.D. degree or the Ph.D. degree in the field in which you propose to study or furnish evidence of equivalent training and experience.

The appointment will be for three years. The Fund recognizes that in some instances there may be valid reasons for changing both laboratory and sponsor. During the course of your fellowship.  Such changes require the permission of the Director with the advice of the Board of Scientific Advisers.  Only under exceptional circumstances will an award be made to an individual who will have had two years or more of postdoctoral research experience.

Applicants may be citizens of any country but for foreign nationals awards will be made only for study in the United States. American citizens may hold a fellowship either in the United States or in a foreign country.

An applicant in addition to submitting evidence as to pre and postdoctoral training must supply (a) the names and addresses of three individuals personally acquainted both with the applicant and with the applicant’s professional work, one of whom is to be the principal predoctoral advisor, (b) letter from the Sponsor c) a suitably documented outline of the research problem proposed, and (d) the written consent of the Chair of the Department and a responsible fiscal officer of the host institution indicating their willingness to accept and provide necessary facilities for the Fellow (signature page). (Please note that in the event of multiple applications, it is the policy of the Fund to initiate no more than one fellowship under a particular sponsor in any fiscal year)

STIPEND & EXPENSE ALLOWANCE The basic stipend at present is $50,000 the first year, $50,000 the second year, and $50,000 the third year, with an additional $1000 for each dependent child. There is no dependency allowance for a spouse. An allowance of $2,000 a year toward the cost of the research usually will be made available to the laboratory sponsoring the fellow. The research allowance is not to be used for travel.  The Fellow will have access to $1,800 for travel to science meetings, please look at the travel polilcy.  In addition to the travel allowance the Fund provides a travel award for the Fellow and their family to travel to the sponsoring laboratory. Return travel for Fellows will be considered depending upon the Fellow’s plans and situation at the time.

INDIRECT COST The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research is a non-profit organization which currently awards fellowships to suitably qualified applicants for full-time training. Since its inception in 1937 the Fund has not provided indirect costs as a matter of policy.


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