Carol Prives Joins the Board of Scientific Advisors

September 22, 2011

Carol Prives, DaCosta Professor of Biology at Columbia University, is delighted to join the BSA this year. “The quality and breadth of applicants for this fellowship is extremely impressive, as are my fellow scientific board […]

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Haifan Lin Joins the Board of Scientific Advisors

September 22, 2011
A former JCC Fellow returns to his roots

Former JCC fellow Haifan Lin (1990-1993) joins the BSA this year. “My research and career have benefited tremendously from the generous support of the JCC fellowship and eye-opening experiences that the JCC Fund provided,” says […]

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Fellow Focus: Roberto Zoncu

September 3, 2011
Thwarting Melanoma: JCC fellow Roberto Zoncu reveals intricacies of melanoma cells’ dependence on leucine.

Malignant melanoma cells depend on the amino acid leucine, according to recent research by JCC fellow Roberto Zoncu published in the May 2011 issue of Cancer Cell. Zoncu and his coauthors found that melanoma cells […]

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Fellow Focus: Effie Apostolou

August 7, 2011
Full Potential: JCC fellow Effie Apostolou identifies key gene cluster in stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become just about any cell in an organism—or, under the right conditions, a whole organism in and of itself. But what about cells that have already differentiated? Some […]

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Fellow Focus: June Round

July 30, 2011
Friend or Foe? JCC fellow June Round uncovers how our immune system recognizes gut bacteria as harmless—or not.

At first, nothing about the blue, green, and black microscopy image appears remarkable, but upon closer inspection, something emerges—something that hints at a much bigger story. “It wasn’t what we were looking for,” says JCC […]

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